This is a good intro to the tools; almost anyone will find great value in one or more of these tools. You will be glad you took the 12 minutes to watch this video. Note that although the title of the video mentions boosting your income, that would mainly apply if you are working on your own. But anyone can benefit from these productivity-boosting tools listed below.

Murf.AI – use AI to make voiceovers to make commercials, content for a faceless YouTube channel, etc.

Talk to Books available on Google, allows you to do research on a topic by browsing passages from books on a topic you select. Good for finding sources on a topic.

ChatGPT – the tool can write anything you request, e.g., a letter, article, or poem on a topic of your choosing. It can also be used as a replacement for Google search.

Analyzing Data from excel or google sheets – this tool is built into both excel and google sheets.

Fireflies.AI – automate your meeting notes. You invite the bot to your meeting, and it writes up your meeting notes.

Luminar AI – picture editing tool

Wordtune – Free AI grammar tool similar to Grammarly that helps you to write better.

Neuraltext – automate your content marketing. Creates outlines, does research, product descriptions, and competitor research.

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