The Current State of Artificial Intelligence with James Wang (1 hour) from Cerebras Systems. Cerebras, founded in 2016, is a team of 400 engineers of all disciplines to build a new class of computers to accelerate artificial intelligence and deep learning work by orders of magnitude beyond the current state of the art. HQ in Sunnyvale, CA. Cerebras builds the world’s fastest AI accelerator, the CS-2 system. The CS-2 is based on the largest processor ever built, the Cerebras Wafer-Scale Engine (WSE).

Video by ARK Investment Management LLC which focuses solely on investing in disruptive innovation.


Scaling laws are as important to artificial intelligence (AI) as the law of gravity is in the world around us. AI is the empirical science of this decade and follows laws similar to Moores law. James Wang is the speaker and is from Cerebras a company dedicated to turning state-of-the-art research on large language models (LLMs) into open-source data that developers across the world can reproduce. In this episode, James Wang, an ARK alum and product marketing specialist at Cerebras, joins ARK for a discussion centered around the past and the future of LLM development and why the generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) innovation taking place in this field is like nothing that has ever come before it (and has seemingly limitless possibilities). He also explains the motivation behind Cerebras’ unique approach and the benefits that their architecture and models provide to developers.