In this YouTube video from April 2023, Ali Mirza, founder of “I Social You” with 10K subscribers on YouTube, introduces ten free AI tools. I used the first tool to help summarize this YouTube video, I had to make some edits to ensure it was more accurate, but it’s still better than starting from scratch. I also made a 1-minute video with tool number 10 about my home page, which was easy to do and turned out well.

  1. – can summarize long YouTube videos and allow users to chat with the video.
  2. – can replace words in AI-generated content with synonyms to humanize the text. Now an AI detector cannot detect this writing was generated by AI.
  3., – which allows users to use text prompts to create designs for social media.
  4. – is a chatbot tool that can access the web and give answers. It can access the web, so it is current. And you can download the app to your phone.
  5. – can generate AI images from the text
  6. – is an AI tool that can edit images and videos by removing backgrounds or unwanted objects.
  7. – can convert cooking videos into recipes.
  8. is a chatbot similar to ChatTPT, but it is from Google and can access the internet, so it has more current data than ChatGPT, which only is accurate through September 2021.
  9. – can provide users with chat prompts related to various topics.
  10. – which can create videos for e-commerce businesses in one click.