Thank you to “AI Uncovered” with 68K subscribers for this 11-minute update on some new and not-so-new technologies that will impact our future. Here are the 10 Next Big Things In Technology in this video:

  1. Human-like robots
  2. Necrobotics – in the early stages, turning dead things into robots, e.g., a dead spider becomes a gripper
  3. E-Skin – being developed to allow what is felt in one location to be transferred over long distances.
  4. Advanced personal assistants – more advanced than Siri or Alexa, to accomplish complex tasks
  5. Sand batteries – sand can be used as a battery to store energy
  6. Brain reading robots – using a brain-computer interface, which for example, can be used for brain-controlled wheelchairs
  7. AI in everyday life – currently, AI is used by about 50% of the world’s population. In the future, this will grow and be used in more and more applications
  8. Smelly VR – a VR device that lets you smell things like in a movie of the future
  9. Spin launch – a new system is being developed to launch objects into space using kinetic energy instead of rockets
  10. Virtual and Augmented Reality – the market and applications are growing