Thank you, Mindstream, for this article! There’s a 5% chance AI will wipe out the human race. Sleep well tonight. Scientists have made a prediction that is either chilling or comforting, depending on which way you swing.

They’re saying there’s a 5% chance AI ends up wiping out the human race, on average.

The big prediction

A huge survey has taken place among AI researchers, asking their opinions on whether AI is a risk to humanity.

2,700 scientists filled out the survey and revealed there is a non-zero risk that AI will end up destroying humanity – but the level of risk predicted was very changeable.

58% said they believed there was a 5% chance AI would kill us all, making it the most “likely” outcome.

Other interesting tidbits

That wasn’t all they discussed.

The development of AI that can outperform humans on every task was estimated as being given 50% odds of happening by 2047.

The possibility of all human jobs becoming fully automatable was given 50% odds to occur by 2116.

That will be an interesting world to live in…

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Credit: Mindstream