Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger believes that sanctions imposed against China’s semiconductor production sector by the US, Japan, and the Netherlands are restraining the development of process technologies beyond 7nm in China for now. While China will continue to develop its semiconductor prowess and design more advanced chipmaking tools domestically, it is about a decade behind the global semiconductor industry and will stay this way, Gelsinger thinks.

“The export policies that have been put in place recently, we have seen the Dutch [policies] in place, the US policies Japanese policies, sort of put a floor in the 10 to 7nm range for [the Chinese semiconductor industry],” Gelsinger said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, broadcast by CNBC. “We are racing to go below 2nm and then 1.5nm, and you know we see no end to that in sight.”

Pat Gelsinger is widely regarded as a visionary for the semiconductor industry. Do you think he is a visionary?

Credit: Tom’s Hardware & Anton Shilov