LAS VEGAS Jan 9-12, 2024 — CES 2024 featured a wide range of emerging technologies, from fitness devices and video games to autonomous vehicles. But new robots are also on display. Despite the fact that these robots are good examples of the new robots that are coming our way, you have to be a real robot geek to enjoy these dry videos, so be warned or just skip the videos. I am sure we will hear more about some of these robots in the near future, but for now, these are just a glimpse of what is coming. Here are the top 10 robots at CES this year:

  1. Mobinn, a Korean startup, demonstrated an innovative wheeled robot that can climb stairs. (9-second video of the robot climbing stairs)
  2. RoboBusiness PitchFire 2023 winner Glidance also won a CES 2024 Innovation Award and showed the latest functional prototype of its Glide device, which guides sight-impaired individuals, similar to a guide dog. (41-second video)
  3. Kepler Robotics had a stationary model of the new Kepler Forerunner K1 in its Eureka Park booth. The robot includes 14 linear-axis motors and 14 rotary-axis motors. Unfortunately, the company was unable to give live demos of the Forerunner. (2 min video)
  4. Unitree H1 humanoid, the company was giving nearly continuous live demos of the H1 at its booth. (43-second video)
  5. Hyundai is one of the industry-leading mobility and robotics leaders at CES 2024. It is the parent company of Boston Dynamics, but at CES 2024, the Spot and Stretch robots played minor roles in Hyundai’s story. The Hyundai Construction Xite concept tractor was an impressive incarnation of autonomous construction designs. (1 still picture)
  6. The Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) had an impressive booth in the automotive hall of CES 2024, surrounded by well-known brand names. On display was a fully functional version of the newest AV24 autonomous racecar (2 min video – with the AV24 racing at the end of the video)
  7. The latest generation of Moxie by Embodied AI was on display. Embodied recently announced new tutoring functionality with the latest software release for Moxie. (51-second video of Moxie chatting with the Embodied AI representative)
  8. Fingervision, a young Japanese startup, showed an innovation that uses tiny cameras built into the gripper fingers of an industrial robot; the company has deployed its first grippers into an application where robots pick up fried chicken nuggets and package them. (4-minute video, with the gripper stacking flowers onto a tray … as exciting as watching paint dry)
  9. Gatik showed the third generation of its on-road autonomous truck. (5-second video of the truck sitting still on a display)
  10. Bobcat showed off an autonomous concept prototype, the Bobcat Rogue X2, at CES 2024. The all-electric, autonomous robot is designed for handling, material movement, and ground-altering operations at construction, mining, and agriculture sites. (10-second video of the Rogue X2 on a display stand)

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Credit: The RobotReport and Mike Oitzman