The quest for AI’s “killer app” continues as the technology evolves. ChatGPT, powered by GPT-3.5, was a significant step in making AI progress visible to a broader audience with its conversational and on-point responses. However, the search for the ultimate application of AI technology is still ongoing. Tech giants are exploring various AI experiences, such as copilots for transcription, translation, and code development, as potential “killer apps” for AI. Generative AI’s real killer app has been identified as AI-enabled code development, with platforms like GitHub Copilot leading the way in this space. Additionally, there are discussions about “agents” being the next AI killer app, offering personalized and contextualized interactions. Despite the ongoing search, the specific “killer app” that will fully showcase the potential of AI technology is yet to be definitively identified. The future of AI applications remains an area of active development and exploration.

Credit: MIT Technology Review