Astribot, a Chinese firm focused on developing AI robot assistants, has released a video showcasing its humanoid robot, S1, performing household tasks at an unprecedented pace. I am impressed! It rivals the Boston Dynamics Atlas robot.

The robot can perform movements with a top speed of 10 meters per second and handle a payload of 22 pounds per arm. Astribot, founded by Lai Jie, claims that the company’s name comes from the Latin proverb ‘Ad astra per aspera,’ meaning a journey through hardship to reach stardust.’ The robot uses imitation learning to execute various tasks beneficial to humans, mirroring the operational speed and adaptability of adults.

Astribot is currently undergoing rigorous testing with large models and is slated for commercial release in 2024.

The robotics landscape has seen a surge of innovation, with OpenAI releasing two remarkable creations, Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot, and UBTech’s Walker S, a speaking bot renowned for its gentle touch.

Look for the 3 minute You Tube video embedded in the article titled “Astribot SI: Hello World!”


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Credit: Interesting Engineering