U.S. forecast to increase its domestic chip manufacturing by 203% in the decade following enactment of the CHIPS and Science Act—and expand its share of the world’s total fab capacity for the first time in decades—according to new Semiconductor Industry Association/Boston Consulting Group report focused on the global chip supply chain.

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) and Boston Consulting Group have released a report predicting that the US will triple its domestic semiconductor manufacturing capacity from 2022 to 2032, marking the largest projected growth in the world. The report also predicts that the US will increase its share of advanced logic manufacturing to 28% of global capacity by 2032. The US is also projected to capture over 28% of total global capital expenditures from 2024-2032, ranking second only to Taiwan (31%). The report highlights the importance of effective policies like the CHIPS and Science Act in reinvigorating semiconductor manufacturing in America and strengthening supply chains.

The report also highlights the need for continued government-industry collaboration to build on this momentum. The US continues to lead the global value chain in high-value-added areas of semiconductor technology, including chip design, electronic design automation, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

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Credit: Semiconductor Industry Association